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Concept #2 – Skincare


 As we near the end of cold winter nights and welcome blossoming flowers, the season for decluttering all aspects of your life rings in – and so goes the same with a good skincare spring clean. There has never been an easier time to renew and refresh your skincare shelf with the warm welcome of  The Beauty Drop – Australia’s new unmissable online beauty event. Spanning over 48-hours, this special event celebrates all things skin with a long line of luxury and premium beauty brands dropping their prices. How could we ever settle for less now?

As we say au revoir to dry, itchy skin and dreary weather and hello to warmer air and more humidity – the question begs, where does one start with prepping skin accordingly for the sunnier days ahead?

First things first…. Spring Cleaning!

Now, it sounds like a hoax – revitalising your already amazing (or maybe obsolete… but we really hope not) routine just because of a change in seasons? Well, we really mean it when we said ‘out with the old, in with the new’, and you will struggle to find any beauty expert that doesn’t agree with a good spring skincare clean. Old products can host a build-up of bacteria (hello clogged pores and dull skin!), so it’s important to bid farewell to anything you’ve been hanging onto for over 6-12 months. Luckily for us all, The Beauty Drop saves the day, and our savings accounts, helping us avoid buyer’s remorse with insurmountable luxury sales to ease (and honestly excite) this skincare swap out.

Start Fresh

Unfortunately, there’s no hiding from the cold under your scarves and hoodies anymore, so embracing your natural skin texture is officially back in. With arctic winds from every end of the earth really taking on Australians’ skin this Winter, it’s a necessity to exfoliate those winter pores and start with a fresh natural canvas.

Ensure you’re exfoliating your lips this Spring, with plump hydrated lips being the hottest topic to compliment a bare face. First, exfoliate your lips with a sugar-based lip scrub and follow with a hydrating mask. Finish off with a satin or high-shine lipstick or luminous gloss. Lacking inspiration? Look at Chloe Bailey’s lipgloss gleamed look at the Hollywood Reporter’s Oscar Nominee Night.

Wash away winter

Gentle foaming cleansers laced with salicylic acid are amazing for spring-cleaning pores, whilst acting as an all season round security guard to the oil that surfaces in the summer months. If this isn’t in your routine, keep your eyes peeled during The Beauty Drop for our long list of gentle cleansers.

Hello hyaluronic!

As we shed outerwear for swimsuits, we do the same for the layers in our skin routines. In fact, swapping out heavy creams for lighter moisturisers, gels and serums are key to a fresh and naturally glowing look for Spring. As we know all too well, our skin likes to soak up whatever it can get its pores on, meaning in Summer and Spring it retains more water with all the extra humidity in the air. So, put aside that intense face mask and welcome with open arms all things hyaluronic. This hero ingredient will be available in various holy grail serums or lotion products during The Beauty Drop, and will be sure to have your skin feeling dewy, plump and youthful – ready for spring playtime!

Very Nice Niacinamide

With more skin on show in the warmer months, it’s important to level up your skin barrier against the nasty effects of pollution and bacteria in the air and ensure it’s holding onto that good moisture you worked so hard on! Niacinamide-spiked products are soon to become the highly sought-after superstar of the skin world this Spring. Used to soothe and calm inflammation, redness and hyperpigmentation whilst supporting the skin barrier, it’s an amazing option to ease the quick transition of cool to pool weather. Other Spring staple ingredients that perform similarly include ceramides, fatty acids, probiotics, and squalene – all to be included in The Beauty Drop!

Fun in the Sun

Need we say more than “SPF before makeup – non-negotiable?”. We are urging you to pick a lighter SPF serum that’s designed for your face, otherwise your spring no-makeup makeup look can easily verge on being cakey. And I’d like to save my dessert for the ice cream van please!

Glow up!

This season is all about becoming a renaissance God, and what is a higher power without a soft and dewy complexion. To recreate an angel-like level of glow, we recommend taking a brush, wetting it with setting spray, and applying highlighter where light naturally hits your face and decolletage first.

If you’re looking for a little extra coverage that maintains a natural no-makeup makeup dewy look, go for a full coverage foundation with a natural or dewy finish. Radiance-boosting primers, hydrating concealers and foundations, and cream or gel cheek products are all suitable for helping to achieve this look too! 

The Beauty Drop is the unmissable beauty event of the year, offering  exclusive deals and drops from the world’s best beauty brands between 7-8th September.

  If you’re an Aussie who loves all things Beauty, you may be at risk of serious FOMO if you’re not online during The Beauty Drop. 

During the 48-hour event, there will be 6 Drops. Our Beauty Drops are major, show stopping deals that are even more insane than the ones the event will already have available. Make sure to follow The Beauty Drop closely on socials and become a VIP to win prizes, gain early access to the event and be the first to know about our limited drops. Become a VIP now.


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